the Djinn series

Will Power

Ever wondered how Will, Pyke and Mia were given the job of finding Kyra?

   How did they track her down?

  What was Will doing while Pyke and Mia watched Kyra at school?

   Go back to the beginning and see what Will’s life was before he met Kyra. See the struggles he faced that no one knew about and get a better understanding of his relationship with Kyra.

   See just how strong his will power truly is in this short prequel to the Paranormal Romance, Djinn.


On the run with your father isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Kyra’s life is far from normal.

   She’s been on the run for as long as she can remember and her father is the only stable thing in her life, but everything changes when the people pursuing them finally catch up.

   Kyra is abducted by the handsome and mysterious, Will. He takes her to a secret compound where she is told the truth: She’s a Djinn, a genie-like creature with magical abilities.

Life as a Djinn comes at a price.

Being a Djinn is going to be harder than Kyra thought. It seems everyone has their own agenda when it comes to Kyra's return home and she doesn't know who to trust. 

   Her new father seems more interested in royal politics then getting to know his lost daughter. While the more time Kyra spends with Will only brings them closer, but Djinn society forbids them from being together, which only strains their relationship.

Will Choose

Will loves Kyra, but he know he can never be with her.     He is Guardjinn and she is Djinn. Their love is forbidden.

    He has a duty to his people. Will is a palace guard and after the Blooders attacked he is needed more than ever.

   Will knows he should stay away from Kyra, but then why does he keep ending up at her house, watching her from a distance?

   A choice is coming.

   Love or duty?

   What will Will choose?


Overcoming guilt and fighting for love.


Kyra thought she was safe behind the walls of her Djinn compound, but then the Blooders attacked and Pyke sacrificed himself to save her. Kyra doesn’t know if she can live with the guilt, but she’s going to try to change things for the Guardjinn so no one needs to sacrifice themselves ever again.

   Then maybe Kyra and Will can be together, after she breaks off her engagement to prince Nathaniel of course.

Breaking rules and discovering truths.


There’s more at stake than Kyra realises though. Isabelle is hiding a dark secret that could turn Kyra’s world upside down and the flirty Blooder in the dungeons is confusing Kyra even more with his cryptic messages.

   There is still so much Kyra doesn’t know about the Djinn world, but nothing is going to stop her from figuring out the truth and fighting for what she believes in.

Will Survive

Will thought he had died when the warehouse collapsed. He thought he had brought the Blooder, Alec, down with him, but Will survived.

   Taken captive to the mysterious Blooder city, where no Djinn has stepped foot since the failed treaty, Will will learn what happens to those who cross the Blood King.

   Sentenced to be drained for his ability proves difficult when Alec can’t puncture Will’s skin. Alec will have to come up with more creative ways to torture Will.

   Will might have survived once, but Alec promises to make him wish he hadn’t. 


Heartbreak and looking for escape.

Kyra has given up on everything. Alec betrayed her. Will is dead. Her and her father are imprisoned by the Djinn awaiting a sentence from High King Tibal who is even more ruthless than Ivan.

   When a mysterious woman gives her the choice to start a rebellion for the Guardjinn, Kyra is less than interested in losing more people she cares about. Instead she chooses to escape with her parents to live her old life among the humans.​

Bloodlust and civil war.​

When Kyra realises Will might still be alive she snaps to her senses and heads halfway across the world in search of De Morte, the Blooder City. 

   Along the way, Kyra will truely begin to understand what it means to be a Bloodjinn; part Djinn and part Blooder. There is a darkness within her growing with every drop of blood she tastes, but Kyra needs more powers if she is going to save Will and start a civil war among the Djinn.

Will Prevail

Synopsis to come...

Untitled Book 4

Synopsis to come...


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